Things to do....

I have one other game under my belt right now, so I've experienced that task creep that takes place the closer you get to finishing your game.

The mounting little jobs turn into hours upon hours of tweaking and adjusting little things more for preference than function.

Currently I'm in the phase where I'm still implementing core mechanics.

  • Make level spawn infinitely
  • set up events in level chunks
  • build events (like bosses, etc...)
  • Set up lose conditions (death)
  • calculate distance traveled and display on HUD.
  • etc...

I really suggest a free website Trello for tracking your projects progress. Without some kind of tracker, I would be lost, swimming in the massive amount of big and little addition that Project Starfire still requires to be something worth calling "done".

Currently I'm wrapping up Phase 1, the Fun Test.

Phase 2: Gamification - Addition in game-play elements that keep the player coming back and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Phase 2.5: UI - Make the game data relevant to the player accessible via the HUD.

Phase 3: Audio - Make and apply SFX and Music

Phase 4: Cosmetic - Overhaul Graphics and UI with pretty stuff (that isn't free download on an asset store).

Phase 5: the last 90% - All the little things that have been put off that have turned into hundreds of little jobs, and bugs...

Phase 6: Play Testing - Get it right, Get it tight.

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